Enrollment and Attendance FAQs

Who is eligible to attend Colorado Preparatory Academy (CPA)?

Any student in grades K–12 who resides in Colorado is eligible for full-time enrollment.

How many of my children can I enroll in CPA?

Because Colorado Preparatory Academy provides all the lesson plans and materials needed for grades K–12, many parents find it easy to enroll multiple children in the program.

What does it cost to attend CPA?

Since Colorado Preparatory Academy is a public school program, there is no tuition. Colorado Preparatory Academy provides a state-licensed teacher and all instructional materials for the program. However, students and families will be responsible for providing some consumable materials (such as printer ink and paper). In addition, families are required to provide their own computers and internet access to participate in the program. In certain cases, based on financial need, CPA may loan a computer to an enrolling family. This determination will take place during the enrollment process.

Is CPA available to children without a permanent address?

The McKinney Act of 1987, or P.L. 100-77, ensures that each child of a homeless individual, and each homeless youth shall have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as provided to other children and youth. The act has been amended and is considered the McKinney-Vento Act currently. Under the Act, schools are prohibited from delaying a homeless child’s entry into school due to delays in obtaining school records. Rules regarding guardianship must be waived for homeless students living with foster parents or relatives other than their legal guardians. Students in temporary housing or housing that is substandard or considered inadequate due to hardship, or who are not living with a parent or guardian would be considered McKinney-Vento students.

What is the attendance policy?

Colorado Preparatory Academy works with families toward a positive attendance record to meet their required number of 180 instructional days.

Can I take a vacation during the school year?

The school calendar includes school “holidays” or vacation time. Whenever possible, family vacations should align with school vacation days. Parents are encouraged to contact their teacher if they plan a vacation that does not coordinate with the school calendar.

Does CPA offer full-time or half-time kindergarten?

Kindergarten is offered as full-time. Students study language arts, phonics, math, and may choose one elective: history, science, art, or music.